Welcome Post (Public Entry)

Hello & Welcome to "Add Me Veg", the active community on livejournal to meet vegetarian and vegan friends!

This community aims to be a bit more interactive than the traditional 'add me' communites. Don't just post your ad and go, stay awhile,  post some more, come on in for a chat!

Making your posts members only will protect you from unnecessary snark and those that troll the internet for fun.
All entries will be posted as members only, too many spaces on the net disintegrate into drama, snark and general unpleasantness. This is just to keep this a safe, friendly area.

So, fairly obviously, you'll have to join to see any new content here :)

Quizzes and Memes ARE allowed! Just make sure they have something to do with veggies, (if not write a question yourself and include it).

General discussion about vegetarianism and veganism IS allowed! There are already many great communities for this, full of resources and many knowledgable members. The difference here is this is a smaller SAFE space. Primarily for making friends, but if you'd like to chat a bit first that's cool and you're very welcome to do so.

Off-topic posting? Possibly, if there's a good reason and you're super nice about it!

Advertising something? Possibly, check with the moderator first.

This isn't the place for rudeness or snark. Careful with profanity too, if its humourous and everyone's laughing, then its OK but unnecessary usage of the S, F, C words etc.. can be a little upsetting to the eyes. Like I said, a SAFE space. You can always use @!%? to convey your message. This isn't to limit your freedom of expression its simply to create an atmosphere of friendliness.